Tuesday, August 26, 2008

You are like a little legend or fairy tale of my life. I do not know and I do not want to know whether it worth it wait or not, as all the other time, I refuse to check my account just because I do not want to know how much I have as balance. Runaway from truth, some might say. Friend, when it comes to the question of LoVe, it never failed to be irrational. People hold the biggest excuse to blind their own self and can’t help(refuse to be help) falling into that big black hole.

Have you deleted me from all the contact you have in your pc? Does this bring any good? Have you already deleted me from your lifetime memory? That draws more of my concern. I have to admit I am a little upset, even it might be just a prank or purely coincidence. Why can’t it be someone else?

I am not giving up just yet, because I believe that this haven’t even started, I can wait.