Sunday, April 08, 2007

I’ve been checking back the collection I kept, one from the box, one inside the yomigaki text book, and another one somewhere in my deck of paper, so there is all together 3 pieces of them. And I remember that there is still one.
Out of three 2 is from Langkawi, one from Cameron Hignland. I can get to know a lot of you from these tiny little gifts; I really treasure a lot every time I take it out and read it again. I always feel very fortunate that we still can be friend even though we’ve been apart for years and without any specific reason. But recently plenty of your extremely wired reaction toward me makes me tremendously heartache. I try to finds you excuse to comfort myself and even find you excuse to convince my sis that you are not that cruel but just…well some super lame excuses which I felt so stupid to tell.
I can’t explain about the Alex’s birthday incident, which you really shock me as if I am being too busy body in this matter. Just if I did something wrong. I don’t know why. Am I doing too much? But I no longer feeling sad, I am just a little disappointed. I know you are clear that who is doing wrong and who is being rude here. Is it that hard to apology? At least you let me know politely. Sometimes I think I should be thankful that you make me and Alex friend. He is nice guy I think, at least I like the way we are. At least he knows that you did something hurts me and sounds you.
I can’t explain the Channel 6 incident, which your immediate turning back indeed give me an ice point cold shoulder. What do you mean by “oh, is you.” with your red T, white shorts, Dunhill and K700 on each hand? I tell you I remember every little thing. Can you stop making something unexplainable and later on give me very unreasonable excuses. I can always forget and forgive but aL you have gained yourself very high can’t be trusted point.
I have been numb, don’t forget I am an expert in being hurt by heartless guy which always reckless about my feeling. I am very strong now. Your reaction to me wouldn’t be bothering me long like it used to be, because I know the best way to be happy.
May be you will not be reading this, but it doesn’t matter. cause its still the same whether you will or will not. You won’t give a damn…

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