Saturday, March 24, 2007

She is dreaming after a long night, she thought she would at least has a nice sleep or if the dream lady wanted to award her with a dream just let it be a sweet dream. Things did eventually turn sweet, but she knew it well is unreal. And she is even being embarassed in the begining of the story.
Story started so complcated that she actually appears to be in the sister house, and having some meal within . Then he exist and then out of no where they were waiting for her, ok well, she is trying to change her attire before leaving to dunno picnic or something.
She can't quite remember why she kena scold by the bastard, so she run out to look for a laundry.Arter some times he came to her and everything has change, he become so tender that and she forgot what did she said to him, and they end up hold hand and walk back to the house.
She wonder the dream is trying to reveal her any message or thing, but she did awake and have a little ponder about that.
May she is thirst of love, or may be just some one to warm the palm which she has always took care of.
Or God is trying to show her that never ever take this person in her life again, as he is nothing but to break her heart?

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