Friday, May 25, 2007

It doesn't matter how long was it from now,
It still tangling though you thought you have long left it behind,

LoVe is Blind, I don't have a good point to fight.
I have to VaLe tonight.
I traped in, not just once,
and now I see you here, merely a shoadow of everybody.

Is not about being rational,
You can't do much cause you have put your head in.
it always stuck somewhere, and for very long.

This is helpless, pointless in the end.
Made no construction yet leave you blur.

Curse the remarkable anniversary,
brought every memory back,
while it shouldn't exist for good.

Blessed is me that in peace.
Bless the she with your Light,
Lit the way, and made her see.

No regret, No turn back,
shall our life be.
Once you decide,
Go ahead and you'll release.

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