Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Just when I tot I'd get over it, God trying to test me again.
I deleted all his contact, harden my heart and tell myself he is not going to affect my anything, nor emotion nor my mood.
Its fate or God just wnat to see how far my improvement going.
So I met him, or shall I make it more precisely I saw him in front of Channel 6 again, the place where he'd torn my heart in to pieces and leaved me puzzle till now. He is with a gang of his friends wanted to leave the cafe but Rachael (my sis)'s car has block their way, as she is busy talking to Dr. Ravi. So she asked me to move the car away. I rejected cos Im afraid I do not know how to open the key lock and start the car. (fyi the car is like few years older than my age)

But she insist as she has very importanat thing to discuss with Dr. which is his current boss while they are talking about her future job. So I have no choice but to step out from the clinic and head toward the car, and there you go, I was like DamN it, is him...

I was shocked and scared that he might saw me and both felt embarassed, so I dare not look into his way, I walk as fast I can, without making a turn over but just peepping on my toe. I am a chicken I should say.

The worst thing is I really failed to fix the car, the key can start the car, Oh not this time. God you trying to fool me around in this moment. Phew!! Rachael come out just in time to save my life. Since Dr. has a phone call so she come to check out on me. thanks God you still LoVe me better. She then appologize cause her car lock indeed have to has some skill to start it. Anyway, I quickly rush into the clinic and wondering if he saw me anot. Wow, tragedy...

Well honoursly it doesn't stay in my mind long...hence theres an improvement account rite, dear God. Do you know our God is a Jealous God? ok, now Im aLL yours.

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So^naK said...

huhu..let bygone be bygone..^^