Monday, February 25, 2008

I know asking why wouldn’t help, as I will not get any answer from you especially; and asking why will only show my over emotion and lead myself to grief.

But though that is all true, can you just let me ask this why for once?

Why would you treat me so? Why don’t you reply my message? Why you promised? Why don’t you keep our promise? Why you leave me in all these unknown? Why don’t you be honest? Why you freak out? Why you bury our relationship? Why you make yourself a habit to me? Why you sneak into my life and take my heart away? Why are you like every other man? Why can’t you like me in return?

Why is love so hurt? Why I always fall for the wrong man? Why I am always the one been dump? Why true hearted is not good enough? Why I have to be smart to get a guy? Why can’t I keep a relationship long? Why am I thinking so much?

How could you just get away like this, and I have to…

How could you do all these to me…you might just lose me for life, hurt me for ever…

You said you know everything, but do you know how much pain you leave me?

You said you know everything, but do you know that I have been longing for your reply?

Do you know how many tears I have drop for you?

Obviously, you are not putting effort on this, But ShiZuko what are you expecting? Or why are you still expecting something. Why don’t you believe that there are people really don’t care about how you feel out there after so one time of good paining experience? What you getting ready to forgive again? For what sake? Not satisfy with the hurt and pain you got through?

When will you learn to be smarter? When will the right one exist? How can I know someone is the right one? Why are the feelings lying? Why is it so true at that moment? Where is the cupid? What is promise to you? Someone told me promise made must be fulfill, and then I told someone the same thing, but all of us not implementing it. So this statement is a false.

I think I am doing fine; I just need a little time. I can be rational, but that was not what love about. Why would you treat me so? Answer me! Why are you running away? Why are you avoiding me? Why would you just disappear in my life? Why are you so an irresponsible man? Why can’t you be kind to me as you said you always do?

Why I knew that you are not good enough but I still fall in for you? How I wish I could turn back time. I would have stick to my A plan and let this relationship end beautifully.

It was all my mistake…I should have a better period. ShiZuKo never learn from the pain…She is a DumBo…She wish she always do…


Soontar Cerulien said...

Oh my god! This is exactly how I feel right now. (well, for the past few months) I never got an answer either. It's so hard. Even though I'm a guy I feel pain from having my heart broken just like dear Shizuko.

=DeNIsE= said...

I am sorry I just came across your comment...I am glad that you sound better now as it was how you felt for the past few too getting better, but you know from time to time you still question about it...right...cheers friends