Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So it was the 2nd day, I am controlling myself well, adapting to the water temperature in working place- the fresh fish department.
You were back to Osaka and we were chatting still over the wall.
I can't believe it was one year ago.
When I almost thought it was really something.

Liew Cheng Yan wrote
at 2:55am on December 25th, 2007
Today I figure how to use the water heater but then I was not asked to wash dishes again, thats good but then again, I have been holding this freezing steel container in the freezer, since its too cold I can feel my index finger like split( skin ), I have been putting on tons of lotion, to moisturize it. My hands is one of my proudest possession, I hv been taking gd care of it aLL the time. I am gonna do my grocery tomorrow, dun worry.
Akira Natomi (New Zealand) wrote
at 6:26pm on December 24th, 2007
Oh sad not many people at doom.... Is there any school stuff looking after??? If noone looking after u people, umm there should be PARTY TIME, hehe. The Big Doom Party. Oh that is da worst story food is running out, but it's 2007 almost 2008 in Japan not old days anymore. There r some food at my apartment, I wish I can share, but I can after 3rd of Jan I will b back there. Do the dishes with warm water so I see no problem(like its cold). If u really hungry take Becca's food off she's got plenty.
Liew Cheng Yan wrote
at 9:44am on December 24th, 2007
they are off to Osaka this morning, so my roommate and I and some of the Chinese and Becc is stiLL here...Ya, working eating some pasta now, but kinda komatteru tht my fridge is running out of food.
p/s I don't mind washing dishes but the water is really cold...and my skin peeling off(sob)
Akira Natomi (New Zealand) wrote
at 7:16am on December 24th, 2007
Na I took a train to Osaka, and full of peole on da train. Around me was many old people, and my suitcase took my space so couldnt sleep well ay. Nah didnt sleep well because u sent me messages, haha. Yeah miss mum, looking forfard to go shopping with her oneday, because she got money. Yes good on u doing everything by Hey dont make joke of Dish-washing , Im'm proud of that job. Yeah great to be here ay, havn't had mum's cook yet... We had a whole chicken with my sis and mum last night, then I went to my friends and had another dinner was nice. Who is still at doom??? Sounds like ur next door neighbour American Lisa's still there, but funny u 2 dont see each other even next door. haha
Working 2day???

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